We are living in times where change seems to be the only constant and where meeting management programs need to continually evolve to meet the challenges our world is facing. This is the time for businesses to implement new processes and ideas, to face this ‘new normal’.

Curvebox is a British company, founded in 2013 by Shirley Craven.

Shirley is a passionate, self-motivated woman who has worked in the meeting and events industry for 30 years, in corporate and agency roles and across multiple industries, and brings a hands-on approach to finding the best solution to fit your meeting management requirements and the culture of your organisation.

She feels strongly about listening, using empathy and building trust. Clients respect her for her personal touch, clear understanding and by guiding them, along the way, towards a best-in-class strategic meetings management program, using the optimum technology platform, in order to achieve success.




We start by understanding how you operate your business and where you want your meeting management program to be – short term and for the future.  We use L.E.A.D as a basis for designing a program for you and your teams.
01. LEARN.

What you do today.  Where you would like to be in the future.  The challenges you face.  What needs to happen to enable your SMM program.  We look, listen and learn all about what you do and how you do it, so we can build what will work for your teams, your business, your delegates and your suppliers.


We take the info we’ve learned and, working with you and your team, together we design a solution for your target objective, whether that be policies, travel programs, venue and accommodation contracting, event budgets, procurement savings, managing risk, developing supplier relationships etc, etc,…and last, but by no means least, the delegate experience.

03. APPLY.

The information, the research, the discussions, the evaluations – this is now a plan of action.  A design for your program to move forward, to leverage, to engage, to provide value adds, to get your business on the way to program maturity.  We work with your team, your internal stakeholders, your suppliers and agencies, to create a new, tailored approach to your SMM program.


Time for those initiatives to move forward – to start to deliver the objectives you need to make your meeting program best-in-class, to move into a continuous improvement phase, and to embed a solid but flexible and proactive SMM program into your business, helping to build efficiencies and provide more insight into your data, manage risk and to future proof your systems.




Some of the wonderful clients we have worked with,  across multiple sectors…




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